About SW

The fashion bible that all women have been waiting for is finally here! Stylish Wish is a fashion style guide that incorporates the stylist’s wish list with the best of current trends. These modish selections are a melange of high end fashion and high street trends. The dress sense featured here is defined as swish, meaning elegant and fashionable. It serves to inspire timeless style ranging from haute couture catwalk designs and red carpet creations that have permeated the utilitarian non-designer looks in the wider retail market.

Creative Director of SW / Fashion Stylist

Christina G.

“I have always had an artistic eye, eclectic taste and a penchant for fashion. I celebrate the aesthetics of clothes and accessories as a practical yet, decorative expression and extension of one’s personality. I do not limit myself to a particular genre of style such as bohemian, glamorous, funky, chic etc. but rather encompass elements of all of them. My attire depends on my mood and the occasion I am attending, other than wonderful life itself. When you love fashion, you only follow trends to an extent, as creating your own look can transcend styles that are in vogue. Therefore, be a trend-setter with a hint of individualism rather than someone that obsessively follows trends. Also, I never worry about purchases becoming last season because eventually when enough time passes, they become vintage.”

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